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Multi-lines drilling machine

Automatic feeding 7-lines furniture borer machine

 Automatic feeding 7-lines furniture borer machine suits for window and cabinet kitching and poly-wood furnitures.

The machine tool elements choose the superior steel materials which have been heat-treated with high intensity and eternal non-deformation.

The kinetic components choose the high-grade anti-wear materials with fine durability.

Size positioning, prompt; accurate and convenient operation

Automatic feeding, improving working efficiency.

Famous brand touch screen and PLC control systems are applied which make the machine full of power and and high accuracy.





Product Name Automatic feeding 7-lines furniture borer machine
Model Z7XLB
Max. drilling diameter 35mm(single spindle)  13mm(multi spindles)
Max. drilling depth 60mm
Total numbers of drilling spindles 22*2+11*10=154
Installationpitch of drilling head 10mm
Max. processing size 2600*672mm
Min. processing size 200*32mm
Spindle speed 2840r/min
Total motor power 14.1kw
Overall size 5000*2250*1650mm
N/W 2800kg