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Sawing Machine

Vertical MJ wood band saw

1.Vertical MJ wood band saw is designed for smooth cutting and trouble-free operation.

2.Blade tension can be conveniently adjusted by means of a hand-wheel.
3.The see-through guard provides operator safety and protection.
4.Saw king band saws adopt outer convey frame, easy to change belt, strengthen and improve working efficiency
5.Adopt high linearity speed and thin saw blade device,the band saw woodworking machine can cut smooth and narrow cutting path, saving material.

6.Cutting path good with self-correct, Nice anti-curve character. Without cutter broken status.
7.Precision computer balanced wheels eliminate vibration for accurate blade tracking
8.Cast iron wheels make smooth, easy blade adjustments with less effort
9.Adjustable angle scale keeping the cutting path smooth and precise.




Product Name Vertical MJ wood band saw
Model MJ396U

Working table size


Saw blade length


Saw wheel diameter


Saw blade linear speed





Optional part: sliding table, pneumatic press material device.