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Band Saw Blade


1Tungsten Carbide tip 

2Saw body: High quality steel plate 

3. Different grade selection



Suitable for ripping cut softwood, hardwood, plywood,  panels, as well as single sided veneered or plastic-coated board,Without possibility of kick back,especially appropriated for cutting boards,in carpentry works & construction site.

Bore: Available all size and kind upon request, such as 5/8", 1", 20mm, 22.23mm, 25mm, 30mm, 35mm, etc.

Teeth: Teeth number could be adjusted upon request. 

Hook angle: could be adjusted upon request



Quality control:


 We control the quality not only at the final process. From buying material to delivery, our QC department check quality in every process.





1. Best material with advanced machines

2. deformation will not happen after long time using. 

3. 10 years experience, free consult service   







1. Keep wearing eye and face protection while you are doing cutting works!


2. Do not wear loose clothes, jewelry and gloves!


3. Never fit or change the saw blades while the tools is working or the plug is still conecting!


4. Please remember use the right size of saw blade with suitable power tools!


5. This kind carbide saw blade is designed for cutting softwood, hardwood, plywood,  panels , small tree, bamboo or other


   Similar things. Do not use it for cutting concrete, stone, metal or other similar material!