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CNC dovetail tenoning machine

CNC dovetail tenoning machine is newly innovated with high tech and high performance in low selling price. With high work efficiency and long service life, wooden articles in different hardness and shapes can be processed in it.

The machine adopts imported Japan components as the automatic controlling system. The moving system adopts high precision ball bearing screw and linear guide rail drive. The system runs steadily with high quality and can also be operated easily without special training. By input and modify the parameters in screen, tool abrasion will be compensated automatically. Perfect lubricating system ensures smooth running and long service life. It's cost performance is extremely superior compared to ordinary single shaft or multi-shaft dovetail tenoner.



Product Name CNC dovetail tenoning machine
Model NC600
Spindle speed 17400rpm
Spindle motor 1.1kw
X-axis Servo motor 0.75kw
Y-axis servo motor 0.75kw
Processing width 600mm
Processing thickness 5-35mm
Tenoning spacing adjustable
Cutting period 3-30s
Install power 3.1kw
Overall size 1550*900*1300mm