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Tenon and mortise machine

Automatic Wood tenoner machine

Automatic Wood tenoner machine is designed with movable table to save time, and speed is variable adjustment.Miter gauge provided on the table allows for cutting bevel tenons. Table tilts is 20˚.

Pneumatically-hyd operated table longitudinal traverse for woodworking tenoning machine.

Deepth can be conveniently adjusted without removing the cover.mortising width is adjustable.

Designed with double tables for high efficiency operations. The production rate is 12 pcs/min

The machine can produce various types of tenon.

The tenon directions can be adjustable at horizontal, vertical and 20˚.



Product Name Automatic Wood tenoner machine
Model MDK3110

Spindle speed

0-18000 R.P.M

Max. tenon width

100 mm

Tenon deepth


Tenon thickness


Production rate

10-16 pcs/min


0˚ - 15˚


0˚ - 30˚


0˚ - 20˚

Spindle motor

3KW ( 4HP)

X-axis servo motor


Y-axis servo motor


X-axistravel(Right table) 180mm
X-axistravel(Left table) 200mm
Y-axis travel 180mm
Overall size 2280*1340*1960mm